Tecnichal characteristics

To create the Eyebrow Tracer we took into account several aspects in order to make it a complete and easy-to-use instrument that could fit either professional needs or that of the amateur.

It is impossible to list all of them here, but we can highlight a few just to give an idea of how much time and effort we spent on an object this small and yet simple. We also collected some of our customers opinions, so to give you a sense of how easy is to use the Eyebrow Tracer.

If you want some further info please go to the FAQ section or send us an email.

The package

The complete package is made of the Eyebrow Tracer, an eyebrow pencil, instructions (in both Italian and English) printed on a waterproof paper and a bar-block system (which serves as pencil holder).

  • Design

    simple, essential, safe, ergonomic which allows the Eyebrow Tracer to be used by both left-handed and ambidextrous users.

  • Pivot system

    connection between the bars by pivot. This system has been conceived to allow the correct rotation and setup of the bars, as well as their superimposition, hence reducing to a minimum the size of the Eyebrow Tracer. Moreover, in order to avoid involuntary rotation of the bars, the instrument has been equipped with a bar-block system. This latter also serves as pencil holder.

  • Dimension

    the size has been designed by taking into account the different typologies of faces and hands.

  • Materials

    light, flexible, transparent and anti-thermal trauma.