General info on purchasing

Buy the Eyebrow Tracer now and get rid of the eyebrow issue! The Eyebrow Tracer is a completely Italian handmade product you can buy online only, for £24.74.

The complete package is made of the Eyebrow Tracer, an eyebrow pencil, instructions (in both Italian and English) printed on a waterproof paper and a bar-block system (which serves as pencil holder).

All Eyebrow Tracers are sold with legal invoices that will be shipped together with your item. Once you complete your purchase you will receive an email with all shipping details!

You will also receive (via mail) the tracking code to track your item from the initial shipment.

How to buy

You can buy the Eyebrow Tracer with PayPal. We chose this service because it is simple, secure and well-accessible technology.


Return policy


You can return your item within 10 days of receipt of shipment. Shipping and handling charges for returning items are borne by the buyer.